A New Chapter 

It’s been a while since I have written anything on here, and I figure this would be a great tool to use to update everyone on my current events. On June 23rd I moved to Hurricane, Utah to work for a conservation core called American Conservation Experience. I live in an old hostel that now is the home to 39 core members and crew leaders. I am happy to say I am back in my zone of communal living. I go out on “hitch” (work) for 8 days, and come back home for 6 days. 

My camping spot on hitch that is right next to a creek and a beaver dam.

    Work days consist of filling up 6 liters of water, packing enough food for a 10 hour work day, taking rain gear (storms come out of nowhere here), and putting it all in my pack for the day. Depending on the project we are on, we could be doing a lot of hiking. On my last hitch we averaged 10 miles of hiking a day, a lot of which is done with a pick in one hand and a shovel in the other. At 9,000 feet, this can be quite strenuous until you are acclimated. 

Trail views

The concept of conservation and trail restoration go hand in hand, which I understand isn’t obvious at first. The idea is that if you keep a trail well groomed and easy for people to walk on, it concentrates the impact into one area rather than trampling the whole forest. Things we do to maintain that is lopping plants that grow into the trail, building drains to lead the water off the trail, and occasionally making an entirely new trail. Although hard, the work is entirely rewarding.

A camping trip to the Unitas

I have made so many friends, in fact, I’d like to say all 39 of these people are already like family. I have already been here a month and that is so hard to believe. I wish I could fill you all in on every little thing I have done, but that would involve a weekly post. Everyday is deep, filled with adventure, spontaneous events, and love from my fellow core members. This is the life I wished for. My work is purposeful and outdoors, and when I’m not at work my home is a 30 minute drive from Zion National Park and so many more beautiful places. I mostly spend my time in a tent, and I get better and better everyday at packing my life into a bag. 

The canyon that is just a ten minute walk from our house.

I am on my way right now to Wind Caves National Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota for 6 whole weeks.  Me and 11 others are jam packed into a van, and are on a 13 hour road trip. Sorry it took so long to update everyone, also it will take me a while to get my literary voice back. 

My first visitors Kayla, Emery, and John.



  1. andyminer · July 25

    Terrific! The Corps has a long American legacy of which you are a part. And you are getting to see a side of the country so few of us will ever experience. Thanks for the post!

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  2. Deb · July 25

    Oh my gosh Tori! A true adventure of a lifetime! I’m so happy for you and your crew. Dip your toes in some creek water for me!


  3. Lora Plain · July 25

    Victoria! I am so happy that everything is going so well! The pictures are spectacular! Please do keep us up to date on what you are doing. We love to hear as much as you have time to write. We are enjoying our time in Minneapolis visiting with all the family and friends here. We have been to 4 free outdoor concerts, a Lynx game ( professional women’s basketball) and out to eat all over! Our house is tiny but cute, well decorated and in a good location so we are happy. Glad you are happy! You must be getting strong! Love Lora and Rob

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  4. Suki · July 26

    Victoria, this sound Awesome 👍💖. What a Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing little of your life with us. Very exciting . Be safe and have fun👍💃💖.
    I love you💖😘


  5. Kerry Petersen · July 27

    That is absolutely incredible! Thank you for all the work you’re doing there to keep America beautiful. You’re am amazing girl! Love you Beautiful One. 🙂


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